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100% Commission YOU can reach it. It's your money, you should KEEP IT!

Welcome Agents New and Seasoned

Our office welcomes forward-thinking, energetic and like-minded individuals, who will reach outside the box with new perspectives, to do the unexpected. Our Goal is to help agents better serve their communities. We pride ourselves on our service and opening doors for more opportunities to grow.

Rcandi Realty offers a variety of valuable resources including but not limited to, FREE in-house training seminars to help new Real Estate Professionals get a proper start on their real estate journey. Additionally, working with seasoned Real Estate Professionals to increase their productivity and further their growth. Providing ongoing leads and opportunities for network and marketing through events and more. Agents will have access to the facilities 24 hours day/7 days a week, for the convince and freedom to work on their own schedules.

We encourage our agents to maximize their earning potential by allowing them to work freely from home as well as giving access to our office facilities 24 hours a day/7 days a week. We believe that you should be rewarded for your hard work with the highest compensation and that is why Rcandi Realty pays 100% Commission with only a $250 transaction fee.*

Rcandi Realty offers a variety of support services including:
     - E&O Included

     - Get Paid at Closing

     - Low Monthly Fees

     - In-House Title Services and more

     - Free Short Sale Processing

     - Mortgage Services

     - One-on-One Broker Support

     - Trainings and more...

I only just started working with Michael and Gabriel and I can tell you its the place to be. Working in an environment that is open and full of creativity made this decision to job easy.
Jileesa Carberry
Administration Assistant
Working with Rcandi Realty and Michael Haughton has been a pleasure. He is super dedicated to the growth and advancement of his company and its agents. Great place to work.
Gabriel Yarborough
Executive Creative Director

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